Discovering The Hidden Costs of Chargeback Disputes

A chargeback costs much more than the penalty levied against your merchant account. While it is easy to see those direct fees sent by a financial institution for each customer dispute, there are in fact several additional ancillary costs associated with chargebacks that further harm
your business’s profitability.

Download our guide to learn more about each of the unseen variables that contribute to the true cost of a single chargeback. With a clear understanding of how each chargeback expense hampers your ability to maintain and run your business, you will be able to develop solutions that better protect revenues.

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Download our guide to discover every hidden cost associated with chargeback disputes.

Learn the hidden cost of chargeback disputes to your business

Eliminate Chargeback Disputes For Good

We've outlined the actions that you can implement today to protect your business and start recovering lost revenues from chargeback disputes.

Businesses and retailers shouldn't have to shoulder losses due to fraudulent chargebacks as a cost of doing business. The current chargeback ecosystem needs innovation, so we innovated it.

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Discover The Hidden Costs of Chargebacks