Justt turns a clunky and frustrating credit card dispute process into one that’s fair, simple and hands-free for merchants. 

We've combined superior industry expertise and machine learning to build a solution that effortlessly fights fraudulent chargebacks and intelligently builds a tailored solution to gather evidence, submit disputes and claim back lost revenue on behalf merchants, automatically.

Achieve the highest possible dispute win-rates and eliminate the overhead associated with managing internal chargeback teams. 

Discover the benefits of a risk-free, success-based chargeback solution that can only add to your bottom-line.

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Customer Attitudes Towards Chargebacks in 2022

Learn why customers are filing more Chargeback Disputes in this consumer research report from Justt.

With the growth of eCommerce, chargeback volume and merchant revenue losses due to customer disputes have increased. Based on consumer data collected by Justt, customer chargeback behavior varies by geography.

Merchants who process payments across different markets must address chargeback disputes based in part on the geography of the consumer. On a global scale, this approach to chargebacks adds another layer of complexity to an already convoluted mitigation process.

Given this complexity, chargeback solutions can’t be ‘one-size-fits-all’ but rather need to be customized to each vendor.

Comparing U.S. and U.K. Consumers

[Justt Consumer Research]

Report Highlights:

  • Chargeback Activism - 44% of U.S. consumers have initiated or considered filing a chargeback because they disagreed with a company’s values or political positions.

  • 62% of U.S. consumers have requested a refund or chargeback on a BNPL purchase compared with 36% of U.K. consumers.

  • 25% of U.S.consumers who purchased crypto assets have filed a chargeback, while only 4% of U.K. consumers have done the same.

  • Almost half of U.S. consumers filed a chargeback on online game purchases compared to 21% of U.K. consumers.

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